How Do You Source Your Life? Make it Meaningful this Hanukkah/Holiday Season?

If we remain open, aware, and conscious, we will walk through life experiencing spiritual insights and meaningful personal encounters with those we meet.  Last night, I had one of those magical evenings–I was at a Hanukkah party and met one amazing person after another and had one amazing conversation after another.   I left the party with a heightened sense of the spiritual awareness of life.  Last night, I was reminded:

Your life is really not all about you;

Your life is about all the people around you.

–All the people you can impact.

–All the people you can influence.

–All the people you love.

–And all the people who love you.

Ask yourself:  What you can do for those around you?

If we can learn to walk around with this attitude, we will make the world a better place, and we will see how much our lives and the lives of those around us will change.

HAPPY SIXTH DAY OF HANUKKAH!  I am reminded to bring my light into the world today.