Bar and Bat Mitzvah Training

No more driving all over town for bar/bat mitzvah lessons.  I will work with you and your family to customize the Service to create a joyous and memorable occasion.

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Jewish and Interfaith Weddings

From the selection of your ketubah to the drafting of your vows, I will strive to make your wedding celebration a reflection of who you are.

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Baby Naming and Brit Milah/Brit Shalom

I will invite you and your entire family to participate in a communal celebration welcoming the new life into your family and the community.

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Since 1993

Creating Meaningful and Memorable Life Cycle Events

Judaism helps us bring more beauty into our lives and into the world.  When our ancient rituals are made "new" and the new is made "holy", our souls are nourished and our sense of community is strengthened.

Together, we will create a meaningful and memorable life cycle event that honors your unique individuality and our ancient rituals.  Together, you will create a life cycle event that will validate your desire for a meaningful and personal life cycle celebration that you and your entire family will enjoy and remember for many years to come.

"Rabbi Dan is AMAZING!!! He is so kind and caring. I cannot recommend him enough. I am Jewish and my husband is Catholic and Rabbi Dan carefully worked with us to create a beautiful and perfect ceremony. We really believe Rabbi Dan was "meant to be" our Rabbi. If there was a... "


"...Dan’s knowledge of Hebrew and his ability to chant is fantastic. However, what really stood out with Dan was his positivity with each of my kids, despite them having very different personalities. Each week, Dan met my kids..."


Rabbi Dan is proud to be a certified Prepare-Enrich facilitator helping couples to communicate better and resolve conflict within their relationships before or during marriage.

Next Steps...

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