I am writing this letter to recommend Dan Betzel as a Mitzvah Tutor.  Dan has tutored two of my children over the last two years and has done an amazing job with both of them.  Dan’s knowledge of Hebrew and his ability to chant is fantastic.  However, what really stood out with Dan was his positivity with each of my kids, despite them having very different personalities.  Each week, Dan met my kids with a smile and true excitement to see them.  He did an amazing job of not only teaching them to chant Hebrew, but also teaching them what they’re Torah portion was about.  Dan’s gentle and kind personality was the perfect fit for each of my kids.  And finally, in this very busy world, Dan was flexible with my family’s schedule, was willing to accommodate our calendar, and was supportive of me as a busy Mom!  I would highly recommend Dan Betzel as a Mitzvah Tutor.”

– Happy Mother, Columbus OH


“We first met Rabbi Dan at my sister-in-law’s wedding this past January. We immediately felt a connection with him and seeing how well he conducted her entire wedding ceremony, we decided that we want him to officiate ours as well. He’s been very easy to work with and also threw in a lot of ideas on how to tailor our inter-cultural wedding to accommodate our beliefs into the ceremony. He met with us prior to the wedding and spent time to actually get to know us better and understand what we want. He conducted the entire ceremony beautifully and talked about us like he’s always known us. He felt like a family member. I highly recommend him!!!”

–Happy Bride and Groom, May, 2018 — Gahanna OH


“Rabbi Dan is AMAZING!!! He is so kind and caring. I cannot recommend him enough. I am Jewish and my husband is Catholic and Rabbi Dan carefully worked with us to create a beautiful and perfect ceremony. We really believe Rabbi Dan was “meant to be” our Rabbi. If there was a way to give him more thank 5 stars I would!!!”

–Happy Bride and Groom, January, 2018 — Columbus OH