My Shabbat of Silence

Yesterday, on Shabbat, I spent the day in community but in silence.  The day was one of mindfulness and mediation.  At first blush, it may seem strange that Shabbat and Silence share much in common.  On Shabbat, we are to temporarily turn away from the many demands placed on us by work and our culture, to create the space for greater meaning and reflection in our lives.

I realized yesterday, that a day of silence has a very similar impact.  By temporarily choosing not to engage in conversation, I created the space that allowed deeper reflection and deeper probing about my life and how the Divine flows through it.  No defining, no analyzing, no describing, no thinking, but rather just being and experiencing in the moment.

It seemed counterintuitive and surprising to discover how powerful it is to be in silence by myself WHILE with others who are also in silence by themselves. I came to realize that community is created by sharing the same affinity for love, meaning, and the inevitable passing of time.  No conversation required!  Each of us is on our own personal journey; however, we are NOT alone.

A Shabbat of Silence — A Shabbat of refreshment for body and soul.

“Much Questioning–much awakening;

Little Questioning–little awakening;

No questioning–no awakening.”